Merits of Nido artificial hair
We've touched on this subject before, but Nido's artificial hair and implanting method has been officially recognized as a safe and effective method for hair restoration by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.
The material of Nido's artificial hair, a newly developed polyester resin, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), has safety and high durability.
The coloring of Nido's artificial hair is an inorganic colorant, blended with the basic PBT material in the spinning process, so no harmful dyes contact or leach into body tissue.
While the root portion of most other artificial hairs is knotted, the root portion of the Nido artificial hair is electronically melt-adhered to form an alpha shaped loop. Because of this, tissue grows in to fill this space as a natural process of wound healing after surgery, fixing the hair in place. If removal should become necessary, pulling on the hair with a tensile strength of over 150 grams will cause the weld to separate, allowing the hair fiber to be completely removed as a single strand, If the root area should become suppurated, the root portion of knotted type artificial hairs can break off and remain in the scalp, and it has been pointed out at medical conferences that this presents a danger that the suppuration will not heal.
The greatest merit of Nido's artificial hair is that it has a layer of collagen chemically bonded on its surface (Japan, U.S.A., and European patents). This is a completely leading edge technology in the field of biochemistry, and because of it, fixation rates of the artificial hairs are remarkably increased, and occurrence of suppuration and other forms of inflammation becomes difficult. And, because of this, formation of indentations or pitting in the scalp surface also becomes difficult.
Nido's artificial hair and implantation implements are consistently produced under strict quality control at our International Standard ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 13485 (quality systems/medical equipment) certified manufacturing facility, and after packaging, all products are completely sterilized by electron beam, so they are clean and safe.
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