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The Nido artificial hair and artificial hair implantation method gained high evaluation from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) as safe for use and as an effective surgical method for treating baldness.
The 11th annual general meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) was held over a five-day period from October 15, 2003 at a conference hall in New York. This society, was originally organized in 1993 as a place where research on hair transplantation surgery using hair taken from donor sites of the patient himself for transplant into recipient sites in bald areas using such as punch grafts and rotation flaps could be reported and discussed. It is the world's largest academic society for hair restoration surgery. The number one problem for doctors was that many patients could not provide sufficient donor hair for transplant. It was very difficult at first to obtain their understanding for a method of implantation of artificial hair fibers into the scalp (Yamada's Method), which had not existed up till then. But three members of the Nido research team (one doctor of science and two medical doctors) had become members of the ISHRS from the time of its establishment and continued to steadily report ongoing research on the Nido artificial hair implantation method. And, after the Nido research team received an award for a poster presentation on their research results at the 9th annual ISHRS general meeting held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2001, interest deepened among all the ISHRS members for artificial hair.

Furthermore, at the request of the ISHRS, a special workshop on the Nido artificial hair implantation method was held as part of the official program at the 11th ISHRS annual general meeting on October 3, 2003. At the workshop, three patients (2 Japanese, 1 Australian), who had received Nido artificial hair implantation talked about their experience, and a practical demonstration of the method was held. Many doctors were able to see and try out the technique for themselves on the head of a medical dummy while hearing a report about research to date.

When they were able to verify the actual results of Nido artificial hair implantation with their own eyes and experience applying the technique firsthand, many doctors who until then had been inclined to be anti artificial hair came to officially recognize its effectiveness and safety. At the ISHRS's important general meeting that same year, a debate was held entitled "Is artificial hair implantation method right or wrong?". And for that purpose an ISHRS ad hoc committee on artificial hair was organized in June 2003, consisting of seven persons, which requested by questionnaire through an international law office that companies producing artificial hair in Japan allow them to observe their production facilities and clinics. However, only Nido Ltd. accepted their request. Then, in August 2003, two members of the ad hoc committee came to Japan and visited our manufacturing facilities, (American FDA approved for production of medical devices, recipient of European Union CE marking, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified). They appraised our manufacturing facilities as "Extremely well managed and clean manufacturing facilities, and both equipment and technology at the clinics are splendid".
The majority of the in-house production at Nido's manufacturing facility if carried out in clean rooms and sterile dust-free rooms, and the ad hoc committee members were surprised to learn that we had acquired International Standard ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification. The content of the inspections was reported to the Society and examined during the ISHRS general meeting period and it received official opinion that "No fault was found with artificial hair implantation. Nido artificial hair has sufficient safety considerations, is a world highest grade artificial hair, and is an effective method for baldness restoration"
In this way, Nido has steadily carried out research and development with a world range of vision over a period of 30 years as a pioneer of artificial hair that "We wish to help even one more sufferer of baldness to regain a sense of youthfulness and joy". And, we have been able to grow to become the only artificial hair implantation method with products officially recognized by an international academic Society for world's highest technology, function and safety.
Nido's products are consistently produced under strict quality control at our International Standard ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 13485 (Quality system/medical equipment) certified manufacturing facility. All products are completely sterilized by electron beam and completely safe.
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