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  • I can’t feel the effects of hair restorers and hair growth agents.

  • It is difficult to maintain hair.

  • I want to increase my hair surely and naturally.

  • I feel the limitation of the hair transplant.

  • I am worried about getting wet in water as well as strong wind.

  • I am not simply satisfied with only increasing hair.

I don’t worry about my hair any more.

  • POINT01

    With a natural finish just like your own hair, you can style your hair as you wish.

    The surface of the artificial hair is finished like a hair cuticle in order to create a natural luster. Using 10 colors of artificial hair, including black, gray, brown and blond hair, we create a natural finish with the optimal color to suit each customer’s needs.

  • POINT02

    You can forget about your hair loss in a short time, your hair will definitely increase.

    Approximately 1,500 hairs can be implanted in 3 to 4 hours of the treatment. You can implant as many artificial hairs as you want where you want them, and you can return to your normal life immediately after the treatment.

  • POINT03


    The artificial hair is made of highly safe polyester polymer resin. It is easy to fix in the scalp for a long period of about 1 to 3 years, and you can wash and style your hair, shower and swim in the same way as your natural hair.
    In addition, since the hair root is electronically adhered in an α-shape, even if some kind of trouble occurs with the implant, it can be pulled out safely with about twice the force that pulls out the natural hair.


Nido Artificial Hair Implant is a method that an artificial hair is taken out of a sterile package and is implanted into the scalp one by one after adjusting the curl, length, texture, and color of the hair to suit the individual patient.

The dedicated implanting device has a 0.3 mm diameter needle that is much thinner than a normal injection needle. You would not feel much pain but just in case anesthesia will be given in advance.

Unlike hair transplant, it does not require a full-scale surgery, so you can return to your normal life just after the operation without bandages.

  • The hair is loaded at the tip of the device needle.

  • The device needle is applied the scalp and the needle is inserted to implant the hair.

  • The hair is left in the scalp and then the needle is returned inside the device to complete.

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